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A review of recent developments in lake modelling



Jørgensen, Sven Erik

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Ecological Modelling 221 (2010) 689–692


ecology models fisheries

This paper reviews the lake models published the last five years, mainly in Ecological Modelling. The review shows that structurally dynamic modelling and coupling between hydrodynamic and ecological models are applied increasingly. A number of processes that have not been included in lake models before have been proposed. It has been shown that these additional processes in specific case studies are significant, for instance the competition between phytoplankton and macrophytes or cyanobacteria growth and growth of mussels. It is recommended to study these models for the development of models for case studies where these processes are relevant.

Keywords: Lake models, Zooplankton, Cyanobacteria, Mussels, Artificial intelligence, Structurally dynamic modelling, Multi-species fish models, Competition macrophytes–phytoplankton, Lake restoration

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